Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism caused by acid graffiti and scratched glass is on the rise throughout the Denver Metro area. Not only do you have to concerned about tagging on your storefront glass, but also damage to other surfaces like elevators, bathroom windows and kiosks.

According to Partnership Denver graffiti vandalism is one of Denver’s top concerns. This type of damage cannot be simply wiped off. It typically requires glass replacement, which can be expensive and a nuisance to coordinate. Commercial Window Tinting Denver has the most cost-effective solutions to help you combat this type of damage.


Our exclusive Glass Scratch Removal system gently buffs away acid graffiti and scratches on glass at a cost that is only a fraction of what you would pay to replace the glass. Once it’s removed then we can apply a protective layer of clear anti-graffiti film. After the film has been applied, if the glass is targeted again with acid, the acid will not adhere to the film. Instead it will fall off or can be very easily cleaned. If the film itself gets scratched by a sharp too, we can remove the film and replace it. After 33 years in business, we’ve never seen glass get damaged through our Eastman LLumar Anti-Graffiti films.

Our LLumar Anti-Graffiti window film is a proven solution to cost-effectively mitigate graffiti damage to glass and other vulnerable surfaces. This 2-ply, 4 mil Eastman LLumar window film contains an aggressive adhesive which strengthens the product and helps protect the glazing system. Anti-graffiti window film is applied on the exterior surface of the glass. This extremely durable film is nearly invisible once installed and provides a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. The cost to replace one piece of glass can exceed the cost of anti-graffiti film by as much as 10 to 20 times.

Please click on the film Specification PDF’s below for additional information on Eastman LLumar 4 Mil and 6 Mil clear Anti-Graffiti films.