Exterior Applied Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) 720-505-8468 (TINT) has the experience to apply commercial grade window film on the exterior of your building for maximum energy savings and exceptional tenant comfort.

Eastman’s LLumar/Vista Exterior Applied Window Films are specially designed for challenging Colorado retrofit applications, these high-performance films are designed for installation on the exterior side of building windows. Exterior commercial window films deliver impressively effective heat rejection, glare control, 99% UV ray protection and money-saving assistance for overworked HVAC systems. They also have a strong scratch-resistant coating that enables them to stand up to the demands and exposure that are inevitable with exterior installations. We only recommend applying exterior commercial window film in Denver if you don’t have access to the inside. The products don’t last as long due to the harsh environment we live in.

This highly durable, effective series of films was created specifically to overcome the challenges of retrofitting buildings with no access to interior window surfaces. They’re also safe for most types of glass, so there are fewer compatibility concerns on top of other challenges.

Exterior Window Film
Exterior Window Film Outside Application 2017