Aurora, Colorado is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities for residential and commercial properties. Affordable housing has long been a concern for the metro area. Aurora however, continues to answer the call by developing new neighborhoods with homes priced at more affordable levels. With this boom in housing and increased traffic there’s also greater interest and demand for commercial and retail buildings close to home.  Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) understands this interest and we’re here to help protect your new or existing commercial building with Commercial Window Tinting. We’ve been providing window tint solutions for over 33 years. Some of our past customers include Buckley Air Force Base, University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora Public Schools, City of Aurora, Aurora Public Schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Raytheon Company, ADT Security Services as well as many others.

Controlling the temperature in commercial buildings can be complicated and difficult. Hot and cold spots are common. Correcting these concerns through adjusted air conditioning and heating is expensive, plus once you’ve made one side of your building more comfortable to employees or tenants, then the people on the other side often complain because it’s now too hot or cold on their side. Our LLumar and Vista solar control window films can be custom tailored to each area of concern, making everyone happy. These products also come with the best factory backed warranties on the market.

If your Aurora commercial building has been tagged with graffiti, our LLumar Anti-Graffiti window film will help protect your glass from permanent damage. Our window tint technicians will expertly apply an external layer of anti-graffiti window film to serve as a barrier between vandals and your glass. If you get tagged again, we simply remove the film and reapply it. The cost for film replacement versus glass replacement is staggering!