Class A Smoke Rated Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting Denver strives for cutting edge performance and safety in all window film applications. Some current Colorado commercial building codes have dictated the use of Eastman LLumar and Vista Class A Smoke Rated window film products. Our LLumar/Vista commercial window film is Class A Smoke Rated and has passed ASTM E-84 Flame Spread/Smoke Testing criteria. Class A Smoke Rated Window Film Products provide one hour or greater protection and can help control the spread of fire. Class A material involves organic, solid materials such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber or plastics (window films) that do not melt or burn below a specific temperature.



Class A Smoke Rated window film products are especially critical in applications where occupants have mobility issues, such as hospitals and nursing homes. They are equally beneficial for any scenario where rapid evacuation is needed like office buildings, government institutions, military bases, schools, etc.

LLumar/Vista commercial window films are available in clear and tinted versions, as well as thicker, safety and security versions. Some of our more popular Class A Smoke Rated products are listed below.