Bomb Blast Mitigation Window Film

The Times They Are A Changing was released by Bob Dylan in 1964 and still remains relevant today.

At Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) 720-505-8468 (TINT), we have the tools and technology to help protect your business, employees and clientele from the threat of a bomb blast attack. Terrorists attacks, shootings and bombings continue to be on the rise in the Denver area. Areas of high population, government agencies and large corporations are typically targeted with these dangerous activities. We are also experiencing more extreme weather patterns, including wind, hail and tornedos.

When glass is attacked by a powerful force such as a bomb, the glass will literally explode sending dangerous shards of glass into the interior of the space. Just one square feet of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor sharp fragments, endangering anyone remotely near the impact. Glass is the terrorists assistant.

So why not take preemptive measures now to avert and minimize the impact of these dangerous situations? Commercial Window Tinting Denver has an arsenal of protective window film applications that can save lives and minimize property damage. We offer high-tech safety and security window film options, all designed to counter the effects of a bomb blast event. We offer all GSA levels of protection.


  • Security Window Film-Our LLumar Security Window Film comes in a number of thicknesses ranging from 4-Mil to 13-Mil. When applied to the interior surface of glass, this strong, clear barrier provides protection to your commercial property and peace of mind.
  • Security Window Film with Wet Glaze-This is a highly affordable way to improve your safety. By applying Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive along the perimeter in a wet glaze type fashion anchoring the film to the frame we can substantially improve the safety of your building.
  • Security Window Film with a Full Attachment System-Commonly used in military installations, police stations and high-security work environments, this preemptive window film solution provides maximum protection.