Anti-Intrusion Window Film

The world today is not as safe as it used to be. We are constantly bombarded by threats to our personal safety and the integrity of our commercial office buildings that range from minor vandalism to extreme premeditated terrorism.

In the Denver area there has been a large increase in smash and grab incidents. Jewelry stores, coin shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, vape stores, high end retail establishments, and even small mom and pops stores are being targeted for burglary. Once your facility has been compromised, there’s also the threat of personal injury.

The common denominator glass, is by far the weakest link in building architecture. Commercial Window Tinting Denver offers several solutions to deter these threats. Our Eastman LLumar/Vista Anti-Intrusion window films help hold your commercial glass together, thus slowing down entry. When combined with wet glazed Dow Corning 995 structural adhesive, you can achieve an even higher level of security. This adhesive is available in colored versions, the most popular of which are black and white.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in commercial building security, C-Bond I should be applied in combination with Anti-Intrusion window film attached to the frame with Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive. Commercial Window Tinting Denver is one of only two local companies that have been given exclusive rights to sell this product in our Denver market. C-Bond I is the only scientifically proven glass strengthener on the market and it can increase glass strength and flexibility by 100%. When C-Bond 1 is used during the Anti-Intrusion Window Film installation process the window films can achieve maximum strength much faster than with a traditional soap and water type install.

Below are the Eastman LLumar/Vista window films that we recommend to protect your Denver commercial property from Anti Intrusion and Smash and Grab type threats.