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Commercial Window Tinting Questions & Answers

Why do I need Eastman’s LLumar/Vista window tinting for my Denver commercial office building?

Happy tenants are the best type of tenants. Our Eastman LLumar/Vista commercial window films help reduce the problems associated with excessive heat load, fading, glare and damage to furniture, flooring and artwork. Custom tailoring the optimally performing window film to the needs of your tenants can have a huge impact on your client retention and vacancy rates. Our LLumar/Vista products have hands down, the best specifications in the industry and are guaranteed to save you the money on your energy bill.

My office building is located in an area that is being redeveloped. A lot of my neighboring businesses have been tagged with graffiti on their windows. I’ve heard that there is an anti-graffiti film that can be applied to save the glass from permanent damage.

That’s correct! Our Eastman LLumar Anti-Graffiti window film is a smart and economical solution for commercial clients that are concerned about graffiti damage. This product is installed on the exterior side of the glass and used as a protective barrier between acid graffiti, paint and scratching. If your business does incur damage, you simply give us a call and we’ll come back out to remove the damaged film and reinstall new anti-graffiti film. The cost difference between anti-graffiti film and glass replacement is enormous.

Will window film compromise my view?

The short answer is no. In fact, when you install high quality window tint manufactured by Eastman Chemicals your view looking out will actually be enhanced. Things will appear “crisper”. It’s a lot like putting on a really good pair of sunglasses! Eastman used to manufacture Kodak film so they are experienced with making views more vivid.

Why install window film if I already have window treatments in place?

Fabric, wood and plastic window treatments do not protect against UV damage. Harsh ultraviolet rays can quickly degrade expensive curtains, blinds and shades. Installing LLumar/Vista window film provides an extra layer of protection for your window treatments and allows you to open your blinds, etc. during the day so you can enjoy your view instead of hiding from the sun.

My office is already somewhat dark due to its northern facing exposure. Will window film make it even darker inside?

Our LLumar/Vista window films come in many varieties ranging from water clear to darker shades. In many cases, installing window film will make your work space lighter than it was before you installed it. Most offices have blinds that are kept closed to some extent. Once you remove the need to keep your blinds closed and open up your view, more natural sunlight will be transmitted in, making your work place much more enjoyable!

How much cooler will my commercial office work space be after installing Eastman window film?

Depending on which product you select, the temperature in your office will definitely be cooler and more comfortable for you and your employees or tenants. In fact, our Vista VXA-14 HPR product reduces the heat by up to 83%. Depending on the direction of your windows however, you might choose a product that doesn’t reject quite that much heat if you desire some winter heat load. Whether you have a few small windows or a huge expanse of floor to ceiling glass, Commercial Window Tinting Denver has the right solution for you!

What about glare? We have numerous computer screens and television monitors in our office that can be hard to see at certain times of the day.

Our commercial LLumar and Vista products effectively tackle glare too!  Window film reduces glare and helps eliminate eye fatigue. The Vista Ultima V-14 product reduces glare by 89%.

Our commercial LLumar and Vista products effectively tackle glare too! Window film reduces glare and helps eliminate eye fatigue. The Vista Ultima V-14 product reduces glare by 89%.

We get this question a lot. The cost to install window film is much lower than the price for replacing glass. Window film comes in many different specifications, which allows you to completely custom fit your needs at a price much easier to handle than window replacement. Some businesses choose to use different window film products on different sides of their building, depending on the specific needs of each orientation. Installing window film gives you many more options to get the results you need.

We have a lot of odd-shaped windows in our office. Can window film be installed on trapezoid shaped windows?

Absolutely! Our experienced commercial window film technicians custom cut film to fit any shape of glass.

What is the Commercial Warranty offered by Eastman Chemicals?

The Eastman LLumar commercial window film warranty is 10 years on interior applied film and Eastman Vista in most cases is 15 years. Eastman Vista offers a 7-year commercial warranty for exterior applied film. Eastman also offers a Gold warranty that covers your glass and meets your existing in-force glass warranty. There are no cost limits or deductibles like other window film manufacturers. The Eastman Gold warranty is the first no-risk Commercial Window Film Warranty in the industry.

One of my clients recommended 3M film. How does the LLumar and Vista film compare?

We prefer to refer clients to the NFRC for this question. The NFRC rates all lab tested and independently documented applied films. This is a completely independent, objective fact- based resource.

The Eastman LLumar and Vista window film portfolio offers a quantum advantage in choices for commercial clients. Whether you’re looking for solar films, dual reflective films or nano-ceramic films, the Eastman product line dwarfs the limited 3M offering.

Our patented Eastman LLumar/Vista films have no dyes and a durable industry leading hard coat.  The 3M Prestige films have dyes that will degrade through the course of time and have been proven to wash off the film quite easily. Eastman LLumar/Vista solar and clear security films are available in dozens of shade choices and thickness.  These LLumar/Vista Films meet the objective Federal GSA testing requirements and UL Testing that meet and exceed.

We understand that consumers may be more familiar with the 3M Brand name compared to Eastman. We fully acknowledge that perception. The fact that Eastman Chemicals is easily the world leader in window film sales, technology and market share may not be as well known.

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