Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) is the oldest and most experienced window tinting company in Denver. Our Eastman LLumar/Vista product knowledge is second to none. You will immediately notice why we’re truly the industry leaders in the State of Colorado for commercial window tinting.

Our Commercial grade window film from Eastman LLumar/Vista is setting the standard for performance and aesthetics. These industry leading commercial window tints save more energy, block more heat and reduce glare better than any other commercial window tinting available. Colorado building owners, property managers and Chief Engineers have trusted CWTD for all of their window film needs since 1986. We are Denver’s “go-to” provider for Eastman’s LLumar/Vista products.

We invite you to compare these products with any others on the market by visiting the NFRC (National Fenestration Registration Counsel) website below. The NRFC is the only independent, non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist consumers in their selection of products by providing non-biased performance ratings to help you compare products and make informed purchase decisions.


Please see below complete specifications of our Eastman LLumar/Vista commercial window tinting products. Each parameter card below has the manufactures benefits and selection criteria of each specific film. This really helps the end user make certain their getting the exact product that best meets their specific needs.


Also, you can click on the link below to see the Eastman LLumar/Vista warranty.

If you would like physical samples or a mock-up installed please let us know at the contact button below. We love going head to head with mock-ups against our competitor’s. Our superior Eastman LLumar/Vista products and installations win every time.

LLumar Low-e Series

LLumar Specialty Series

Specialty films are virtually invisible and help provide energy savings, UV protection and up to 89% visible light transmission. These films are the top choices for exclusive retail and prime commercial real estate as well as residential applications.

Recommended applications

  • Retail spaces
  • Commercial offices
  • Homes
  • Schools & universities
  • Public buildings
  • Heath care facilities

To view the complete line of Eastman’s LLumar/Vista specifications in a 2-page PDF without the benefits and selection criteria. Click on the link below.