RF Energy Shielding Window Film

Radiofrequency (RF) otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) refers to waves in the electromagnetic field radiating through space. There are seven known types of EMR waves.

  • Radio Waves
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared Rays Insert RF Energy Warning Image here.
  • Visible Light Rays
  • Ultraviolet Rays
  • X-Rays
  • Gamma Rays

In today’s world, working or living near RF waves is a serious concern. Electronic devices, computers, cell phones, tablets, microwaves and electrical towers are virtually everywhere. Exposure to RF waves is thought by some to have a serious, negative impact on our health. While this concern is debatable in the medical world, it has yet to be proven to be dangerous. There has been speculation that RF waves contribute to higher rates of cancer, headaches, restlessness and nausea.

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Our Eastman Chemicals Vista window films offer some protection from the harmful effects of RF/EMR waves. The products below provide maximum EMR protection.