Commercial Window Tinting Denver

Is your commercial building located in a not so friendly area of town? Have you experienced break-in’s or vandalism to your windows? Commercial Window Tinting Denver can help! We offer common sense, affordable methods for helping protect your business.

As LLumar SelectPro Dealers, we are part of an elite network of window film providers. Our manufacturer, Eastman Chemicals is the world leader in window film technology. We’re also exclusive dealers to C-Bond Glass Strengthener Installation Solution.

Windows have historically always been the first choice for criminals to enter buildings. Glass is the most vulnerable part of a commercial building. Our LLumar Safety and Security window films are available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 4 Mil to 13 Mil. When applied to glass and secured with Dow Corning 995 Silicone, your glass becomes significantly less penetrable. Safety and Security films don’t prevent glass breakage, they simply hold the glass together in the event of a break in. This slows down criminals and alerts alarm systems, which provides more time for law enforcement to respond. Often times, criminals simply move on when this occurs.

These anti-intrusion films are ideal for jewelry stores, medical marijuana dispensaries, gun shops, banks, high-end retail store etc.

C-Bond I is a patent protected, multi-purpose glass strengthening primer and window film mounting solution that makes glass 100 times stronger. This water-based, non-toxic “green” nanotechnology innovation was designed specifically to increase the structural integrity of glass, enhancing glass flexibility and improving the performance of window film products. When used in conjunction with window film, your glass will receive the ultimate in protection.

Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) also offers LLumar Anti-Graffiti window films. There products help protect glass from acid graffiti by providing a clear, external barrier. The cost of replacing glass on large storefronts can be staggering. When glass becomes damaged due to graffiti or scratching, we have a two-prong approach. First, we remove the scratches using our proprietary scratch removal system. We then apply our LLumar Anti-Graffiti window film to protect the glass from future damage. If the glass is attached again, our window film technicians will remove and replace the Anti-Graffiti film to further protect your investment.

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