Commercial Window Tinting Denver

Does it feel as though money is flying right through the windows of your commercial property investment? The proven money saver and wise choice for any commercial property investor looking to make more profit from their commercial investment is the professional application of energy saving Window Tinting, or Window Film. The many benefits from the application of energy saving window tint include drastically reduced utility bills, markedly increased tenant retention and occupancy and unparalleled levels of safety as well as the reduction in maintenance and replacement costs to your HVAC.

· Reduces cooling costs by up to 50%

· Reduces heating costs by up to 30%

· More comfortable environment for employees, tenants and customers

· Helps maximize the lifespan of air conditioning units (chillers)

· Enhances the exterior look by creating building uniformity

· Eligible LEED credits and Xcel Energy rebates

· Filters 99% UV, which helps protect products and furnishings from fading


Invest in window tinting for your commercial investment and you won’t have to watch money fly out your windows!

Our line-up of LLumar/Vista energy saving films is divided into High Performance film, Medium High Performance and Medium Performance categories based on a film’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Below is a list of our High Performance Films.

  • DR-05 SR CDF
  • E-1220 SR CDF (Silver)
  • RN-07G SR CDF (One Way Mirror)
  • RHE-20 ER HPR
  • R-20 SR CDF (Silver)
  • N-1020B SR CDF (Bronze)
  • R-15 SR CDF (Gray)

Click here for a  PDF document with explanations of each performance category as well as a list of all products within each category.

At Commercial Window Tinting Denver, we also have a full line of Anti-graffiti, Anti-intrusion, Blast mitigation, Safety and Security Window Films. Our line-up of LLumar, 3M FASARA and Heat Shield architectural and decorative films is impressive as well.   Whether you’re a commercial investor,  own or manage a commercial office, manufacturer or retailer large or small, you can customize your working environment with privacy bands, personalized banding, logos and dry-erase marker boards. Professional, highly skilled scratched glass and acid graffiti removal services are also available.

We’re also an exclusive dealer for CoolVu Transitional Window Films. Unlike conventional window films that are “static”, CoolVu Transitional Window Films dynamically adapt to your environment. CoolVu utilizes a patented photochromic molecular interlayer that activates when exposed to sunlight, tinting glass when needed. It’s like putting very nice sunglasses on your building!

So, when your considering cost saving solutions associated with your commercial investments, here at Commercial Window Tinting Denver we have you covered with our state-of-the-art window film. Call us today for a professional consultation and estimate today at 720-401-4940.

Let’s get your installation scheduled and completed so you can start saving money on your commercial investments as soon as possible!