Solar Control Window Film

Commercial Property Management is defined as the operation, control, maintenance and oversight of real estate and a physical commercial property. In my mind, that sounds an awful lot like herding cats.

Let’s break it down. A commercial property is essentially a common area, varying in size where a variety of businesses conduct business. There may be one tenant or thousands of tenants. Each of these tenants has specific expectations and needs from the Commercial Property Manager. Aside from acquiring the office space needed, maintaining comfort for these tenants is important. Air conditioning and heating components can easily be taxed when trying to accommodate tenant requests.

This is where Building Owners come in. Building Owners typically are in business to make money. They make day to day decisions, based on leveraging their equity for maximum profit.

Building Engineers are pretty much stuck in the middle. When tenants complain to Property Managers about the temperature in their work areas, the Property Manager looks to the Building Engineer to make areas cooler or in some cases warmer. Meanwhile, there’s still the Building Owner who is concerned about the expenses related to HVAC.

This is where Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) can help. We are Colorado’s oldest and most experienced window film company. We understand the complexities that Commercial Property Managers deal with and for over 35 years, we’ve partnered with small and large property management companies to help make office buildings more comfortable, reduce tenant complaints and satisfy the monetary demands of Building Owners.

Replacing HVAC equipment can be very expensive. Installing solar control window film is a cost-effective way to achieve immediate comfort results for tenants, while not breaking the budget. One of our most popular solar control films is our LLumar R20 SR CDF (Silver) window films.

  • 79% Total Solar Energy Rejection
  • 50% Total Solar Reflectance
  • 15% Visible Light Transmittance
  • 14% Winter Heat Loss Reduction
  • 83% Glare Reductin
  • 99% UV Protection

Call Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) today at 720-505-8468 for more information on how window film can make your building more comfortable and energy efficient. We offer on-site and contact free estimate. Your tenants will be glad you did!