The Benefits of Window Film

Maintaining a commercial building can be expensive! Building Property Managers have to juggle not only tenant needs, but also all of the financial concerns that are important to building owners. Upkeep for older buildings can be extremely costly, ranging from replacing HVAC systems, roofs, electrical, plumbing, space remodels, lobby facelifts and more.

At Commercial Window Tinting Denver (CWTD) we offer solar control window film solutions that make the interior spaces in buildings more comfortable in terms of heat load and reduce glare on computer screens. Older windows were made with older technology, so they don’t perform as well as new glass. Replacing all of the glass on a building can be outrageously expensive. Our solar control window films, which are manufactured by the world’s film makers, including LLumar, Vista, Huper Optik, CoolVu and Heat Shield are guaranteed to reduce the heat in your commercial property. Additionally, they will significantly improve your utility costs. The payback on these products is quite impressive!

Perhaps your building is located in an area with high crime or vandalism. Commercial Window Film Denver can help! Our LLumar Safety & Security window films are designed to help reduce break-in’s by holding glass together in the event of a burglary. When combined with C-Bond 1 Glass Strengthener, your glass becomes 100 times stronger. This allows additional, valuable time for your security alarm to deploy, which gives law enforcement more time to respond. Our Anti-Graffiti window films act as a sacrificial barrier between your windows and doors and graffiti damage. If your facility gets “tagged”, CWTD can quickly respond and replace the film. This saves you from costly glass repair.

We also specialize in decorative window films, which provide both style and privacy. Decorative window films are available in frosted, striped, gradient and colored versions. They can be applied to the entire pane of glass or in bands that are strategically placed across the glass. These films are ideal for conference rooms, doors and sidelites.

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